Redheads® are committed to the quality and safety of its matches.

ST-Group Australia, the distributor and marketer of the Redheads brand, is serious about making children aware that playing with matches is dangerous.

All Redheads Safety Matches are manufactured from Aspen timber, a native to Scandinavia and the Baltic region. Aspen Timber is the most preferred timber for match manufacturing for the following reasons:

  • Superior quality in splints
  • Produced from sustainably managed forests
  • Each 3m long Aspen timber can produce 370,00 matches

Extreme testing is undertaken on Redheads Matches to ensure that consumers are using the safest and best quality match in the Australian market place.

All Redheads Safety Matches are manufactured in accordance with the European Standard (EN1783-1997).

Did you know?

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In a real fire you are blind. You cannot see because the fire is not light. It is black, hot and threatening. This blackness can make you totally disorientated.

A fires smoke could kill you

When you are asleep, your sense of smell is dulled. The smell of smoke will not awaken you. Carbon monoxide can numb your brain and you can die in your sleep.

Heat alone could kill you

A fires heat can kill you in seconds. One breath of hot gas can burn your lungs and your body can shut down. You don’t have to be near the flames.

Time is your biggest enemy

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