Check out recipes cooked with our quality Redheads BBQ briquettes:

About Our Partner: The BBQ School

BBQ School was founded in 2004 by internationally trained chef and passionate foodie Ben Farley who identified that while many Aussies were really into cooking on the BBQ, most only had one or two recipes they knew how to cook really well.

Showing keen BBQ’ers how to prepare and confidently cook a collection of simple, effective and tasty recipes was the best way forward and so in 2004 Ben turned his back on a career in Sydney and London high profile restaurants and founded BBQ School.

In their classes, BBQ School assume no knowledge but have found that the more a student knows about BBQ cooking, the more they learn from theirexperienced chef presenters.

To date around 120,000 people have been taught through the BBQ School.

Their head office is in Marrickville, Sydney but also operate regular classes in Sydney’s Centennial Park, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Hunter Valley and each year the School continues to grow in response to people who wish to cook with more flair when entertaining.    

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