Classic Handy Pack Matches

Redheads® Classic Handypack Matches are 50mm long giving you that extra length for added safety whilst striking your match.

The matches are thicker and sturdier than the Redheads® Safety Matches which allows you to conveniently light the perfect match every time.

Occasions for use:

  • Fireplace;
  • Candles (including relaxation candles or birthday candles);
  • Campfire (use with Redheads Firelighters to make the perfect cozy camp);
  • Stove;
  • BBQ; and
  • Many more other occasions.

Redheads Classic Handypak Mathes

To safely light a match, it is important to always strike the match with your dominant hand and hold the box with the striking pad in your non-dominant hand.

Strike the match away from your body in a downwards position as the flame ignited will go upwards.

Apply a firm pressure when striking, but not too firm as they are made of natural wood after all.