Classic Foil Sealed Firelighters

Redheads® Classic Foil Sealed Firelighters are as the name mentioned foil sealed to retain its freshness and reduce the kerosene smell. Each firelighter cube is easy and fast to ignite. Each cube has a 15 minute burn time.

These firelighters are great to help you light briquettes, charcoal, hardwood, or soft wood.

Occasions for use:

  • Fireplace;
  • Campfire (use with Redheads Firelighters to make the perfect cozy camp);
  • BBQ; and
  • Many more other occasions.

Number of cubes: 24

Generally 2-3 cubes should suffice for a fire.

Pop out the number of cubes needed and distribute them around the fire pit.

Watch our video below to see how to light our firelighter cubes: