Don Willsher

Don has been working with matches – making coffee tables and trays – since the early 1960’s.

A few years ago he made a piano standing about 2½ matches high as a gift to his eldest granddaughter. This prompted the idea of going from 2 dimensional tables and, more recently, pictures, to a whole village and so Donnsville was born.

Originally from Brisbane, Don and his wife Justine now live full time in a caravan and are ‘on the road’ somewhere in Australia. Working with matches has proven to be an ideal hobby for Don as he can easily work at this craft in the ‘van, and the construction of a miniature village has been very manageable. The buildings cannot be finally glued into place until the whole project is finished when it will become a glass-enclosed coffee-table.

The village will be fully lit with LED’s when complete, including street lighting, park lighting and most buildings.

If anyone wants to hear more about Donnsville or anything to do with the craft, please feel free to contact Don