General FAQs

Are Redheads interested in my old matchboxes?

We are always interested in seeing vintage matchboxes, make sure to send us images through to our official Facebook page. If you would like to discuss matchboxes further, contact the Australian Matchbox Collectors Society.

What is Redheads?

Instantly recognised by most Australians, ‘Miss Redheads’ is the glamorous bombshell that adorns every box of Redheads matches. First used on matchbox packaging in 1947, today Redheads is synonymous with natural wood charcoal, firelighters, gasmatches, firelogs and of course, matches.

How do I contact a Redheads team member?

For an instant response, please private message the official Redheads Facebook page (@redheadsmatches). Alternatively, call the Redheads phone line to request a call back (1800 335 691) or email Redheads directly at sales@redheads.com.au

How can I keep up to date with Redheads?

The best way to stay up to date with all of the new products and competitions, stay tuned to the Redheads Facebook page (@redheadsmatches).

Where are Redheads products made?

For more information on where the Redheads range are manufactured, please see the individual FAQs.

Which gas should I use for my gasmatch?

Premium butane is required to ensure optimum performance of your gasmatch.
Redheads gasmatches require the cleanest butane available at a pressure of 45 psi.
We recommended only using Ventti Premium Purified Universal Gas Refill. Ventti is a double scrubbed gas and is cleaner than any other product available and has virtually no odour.
The best way to refill a Redheads Gasmatch is with Ventii Butane Gas Refill which can be purchased from Bunnings Hardware or alternatively from the kiosk at any Coles or Woolworths.

How do I refill my gasmatch?

Always refill the gasmatch in an upside down position to avoid injecting air into the gasmatch. If air gets in, you will need to let the air out and try refilling again.
Excess air can be removed from the fuel tank by pressing the refill inlet valve with a small (phillips head) screwdriver until no hissing sound is heard.
Hold gasmatch away from face when taking air out. This step is necessary because excess air in the fuel tank will not allow butane to be refilled and cause the gasmatch to not work properly.
Shake the butane gas refill can, press the stem of the refill can directly onto the refill valve on the bottom of the gasmatch.
Keep them in a straight position and let the gas go into the gasmatch for about 5 seconds. Repeat for a shorter period if needed.
There may be dirt or debris in the lighter. Try blowing forcefully into the top part of the unlit lighter Allow 3-4 minutes to let gas and lighter components reach room temperature before using.
With the Dual Flame, make sure the gas is turned up before igniting. The flame adjuster is the black dial located on the bottom of the gasmatch.

Are your products sustainable / environmentally friendly?

Redheads Wood Charcoal is made from 100% Natural compressed sawdust. It is free from chemicals and binders of any kind so you know that what you're grilling over is natural and won't taint your food in any way.
Food tastes better with Redheads Natural Wood Charcoal.

Redheads Matches are made from Aspen Timber which is an indigenous tree in Sweden. Aspen is naturally propagating and is also used for making wood pulp.
Redheads Match boxes are made from recycled board.
Redheads Matches are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in recognition of the company’s renewability and sustainability practices in the sourcing of its wood products for matchsticks.

Redheads Fire starters are 100% FSC and made from all natural ingredients and recycled paper board.

Redheads Briquettes are made using 100% renewable sustainable , Acacia wood,
Free from additives, with Natural corn starch binder, for a pure burn.
Packaged in recycled paper bags.

Redheads Classic Wrapped Firelighters FAQs

Do I need to unwrap the Wrapped Firelighters?

Nope, the great thing about the Redheads Wrapped Firelighter is that you light the wrapper meaning you never have to touch the Firelighter.

Are the Wrapped Firelighters water proof?

Yes, should the Wrapped Firelighter get wet: simply wait for the Firelighter to dry off before using.

Redheads Expert Wood Charcoal FAQs

What is the best way to light the Redheads Charcoal?

The best way to light Redheads charcoal is with a standard chimney starter. Simply place the desired amount in the chimney starter and hold over 3-4 lit Redheads Firelighters with plenty of airflow and then leave for roughly 20 minutes or until the charcoal is mostly ashed over. If you do not have a chimney starter, simply place the desired amount of charcoal over 3-4 Redheads firelighters with plenty of airflow and then leave for roughly 20 minutes or until the charcoal is mostly ashed over.

How can I maintain heat on the charcoal?

Airflow is incredibly important to solid fuel BBQ. With more airflow comes more heat. It is important to have lots of airflow when preparing the fuel so that it has a healthy fire brewing.

Redheads Expert Firestarter FAQs

What is the best way to light the Firelighter?

The best way to light the Firelighter is with a Redheads Gasmatch and ensuring that the Firelighter has plenty of airflow.

Redheads Expert Pop Out Firelighters FAQs

Is there an easier way to pop out the Firelighter?

To pop out the Firelighter easier, puncture the foil directly over the cube and gently push it out from the back of the tray.