Classic BBQ Briquettes 4kgs

Redheads® Classic BBQ Briquettes 4kgs are perfect for your casual backyard BBQ accommodating for all cooking styles. They have a longer burning time lasting for approximately 5 hours or more.

The briquettes is additive free, provide smokeless burning and even has a high heat output of 250 degrees Celsius.

Occasions for use:


  1. Place 4-6 Redheads® Firelighters on each side of the fuel tray.
  2. Position Redheads® BBQ Briquettes over firelighters.
  3. Ensure vents are open and the lid is off.
  4. Ignite and leave for approx. 20 minutes.
  5. Briquettes are ready to use when there is a layer of grey ash covering most of the coals.
  1. Place Redheads® BBQ Briquettes on top of Redheads® Firelighters before igniting
  2. Leave the grate undisturbed for 20 minutes before spreading BBQ Briquettes evenly over the grate