Redheads Gas Matches Available at all good grocery and hardware stores and other selected retailers

Redheads Gas Matches
Redheads® Dual Flame Gasmatch

Redheads® Dual Flame Gasmatch lights and stays lit in windy conditions. It is reliable , safe and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its adjustable and windproof flame, ergonomic grip and twin button child resistant action makes lighting easy. The gas indicator window also makes refilling a breeze.
Redheads Gas Matches
Redheads® Refillable Gasmatch

Redheads® Refillable Gasmatch is reliable and safe. Its ergonomic grip handle, safety switch, long burning flame and long neck reach makes lighting safe and easy. Ideal for all fire situations. Best of all, it's refillable!

Filling Instructions: Refill only with Butane gas. ALWAYS refill the gasmatch in an upside down position to avoid injecting air into the gas tank.
Expose gasmatch filling valve at base. Insert refill into valve, applying an even downward pressure. Escaping gas indicates gasmatch is full.
Allow 3-4 minutes to let gas and lighter components reach room temperature before using.