General FAQs

Are Redheads interested in my old matchboxes?

We are always interested in seeing vintage matchboxes, make sure to send us images through to our official Facebook page. If you would like to discuss matchboxes further, contact the Australian Matchbox Collectors Society.

What is Redheads?

Instantly recognised by most Australians, ‘Miss Redheads’ is the glamorous bombshell that adorns every box of Redheads matches. First used on matchbox packaging in 1947, today Redheads is synonymous with natural wood charcoal, firelighters, gasmatches, firelogs and of course, matches.

How do I contact a Redheads team member?

For an instant response, please private message the official Redheads Facebook page (@redheadsmatches). Alternatively, call the Redheads phone line to request a call back (1800 335 691) or email Redheads directly at sales@redheads.com.au

How can I keep up to date with Redheads?

The best way to stay up to date with all of the new products and competitions, stay tuned to the Redheads Facebook page (@redheadsmatches) and the Redheads E-Newsletter.

Where are Redheads products made?

For more information on where the Redheads range are manufactured, please see the individual FAQs.